Brain Health Research Institute (BHRI) and Department of Biological Sciences at Kent State University

KNDy Cells Revisited.

Journal article

A. Moore, L. Coolen, Danielle T Porter, R. Goodman, M. Lehman
Endocrinology, 2018

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Moore, A., Coolen, L., Porter, D. T., Goodman, R., & Lehman, M. (2018). KNDy Cells Revisited. Endocrinology.

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Moore, A., L. Coolen, Danielle T Porter, R. Goodman, and M. Lehman. “KNDy Cells Revisited.” Endocrinology (2018).

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Moore, A., et al. “KNDy Cells Revisited.” Endocrinology, 2018.

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In the past decade since kisspeptin/neurokinin B/dynorphin (KNDy) cells were first identified in the mammalian hypothalamus, a plethora of new research has emerged adding insights into the role of this neuronal population in reproductive neuroendocrine function, including the basis for GnRH pulse generation and the mechanisms underlying the steroid feedback control of GnRH secretion. In this mini-review, we provide an update of evidence regarding the roles of KNDy peptides and their postsynaptic receptors in producing episodic GnRH release and assess the relative contribution of KNDy neurons to the "GnRH pulse generator." In addition, we examine recent work investigating the role of KNDy neurons as mediators of steroid hormone negative feedback and review evidence for their involvement in the preovulatory GnRH/LH surge, taking into account species differences that exist among rodents, ruminants, and primates. Finally, we summarize emerging roles of KNDy neurons in other aspects of reproductive function and in nonreproductive functions and discuss critical unresolved questions in our understanding of KNDy neurobiology.


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